If you are a regular reader of our blog here at Pool Warehouse, or even if you have simply landed at our online store in search of swimming pool equipment and accessories, you might imagine that this time of year isn’t the time to invest in a whole new swimming pool. Or maybe it is?

The fact is, our store serves up a wealth of options when it comes to swimming pools – ranging from wooden Plasticaabove-ground pools to kids’ play pools. 

And with a swimming pool not exactly being a ‘just for the summer’ purchase, but instead lasting for many years if maintained well, there is a good chance that you will be able to find the ideal long-term pool if you shop from us right now, when demand isn’t as high as it typically is during the spring and summer. 

What could some of your swimming-pool options be? 

As you will see when you browse our product range, you don’t necessarily have to pay thousands upon thousands of pounds for a swimming pool. 

Offerings like ourFamily Fun Pool and 10’ Deluxe Family Pool – which, of course, put the emphasis more on play than on swimming – will set you back well below £100. They are also easy to use, and could enable your family to have plenty of fun together when the spring and summer come back around. 

As for if you would like to be more ambitious with your choice of pool – or even if you simply have more money to spend – an option such as the Bestway Steel Pro Poolor Power Steel Pool Setcould be just the thing for you and your household’s needs. 

The Power Steel Pool Set, for example, is easy to install without the need for any tools, while the simple flow control drain valve further maximises its ease of use. As for the Steel Pro Pool, with its capacity of 23,062 litres of water and tubular frame in galvanised steel, it is another high-quality and durable product that represents much more than ‘just another’ family play pool. 

Or, to get really ambitious, check out the Plastica range of wooden pools 

While the swimming pools we have covered so far in this blog post have largely been inflatable pools, when you want a truly all-year-round pool – complete with the included solar summer cover and winter debris cover to help make that possible – you will struggle to do better than the Plastica premium pool range. 

Whether you have your eye on the 2.4m x 3.9m Plastica Exercise Pool, the 8.2m x 4.6m Plastica Westminster pool, or the options in-between, these highly presentable pools both look and act the part. They incorporate such touches as fully treated redwood walls, a two-piece hardwood top rail, and an internal stainless-steel ladder, as well as an external wooden ladder. 

All of our wooden Plastica above-ground pools are also supplied with a full installation guide, and come with a full 10-year warranty on the wall structure, five years on the liner, and one year on all electrical equipment. Plus, we routinely offer these pools at heavy discounts on their Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs). 

So, to answer the question we posed with this blog post, is the autumn a good time to seek out a new swimming pool? It certainly can be, but our own pools are in demand all year, so if you see a model you like, we urge you to move fast for it. 

We’re proud to be making the dream of home pool ownership more feasible for a broad audience – and it’s worth remembering that we also offer highly affordable or even free deliveryfor items from across our store.