Today, when people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, choosing can eliminate both oil fog, fresh air environment, and allowing expensive cutting oils and recycling equipment that recycle recycling, which will produce multiple factors of comprehensive factors.

This device is lightweight, flexible installation, strong structure, and investing in expenditure. In fact, it is deeper to reduce and reduce production costs. More humanistic care for "people -oriented".

Why use Function of Cyclone?

1. Reduce the harm to health> Any form of oily mist and smoke pollution to the lungs, throat and skin may cause harm, giving a danger of sowing to Jiankang.

2. Reduce accidents in danger> The diffuse of oil fog produces smooth surface surfaces, and the incident rate of accidental danger increases.

3. Reducing fire risk> Oil fog existence and aggravation will lead to fire hazards.

4. Save production costs> After the oil mist is recycled, cycle is circulated to the machine and then used again.

5. Reduce rewarding requirements> The air is contaminated, and the staff will make a reasonable increase in reward.

6 Enhance the enthusiasm of employees' work> The pollution environment can improve the rate of attendance and avoid low morale.

7. Save clean and maintenance costs> The non -suppressed oily mist and smoke will be exposed to any adsorbed object surface, and it needs to be cleaned.

8. Morality and Regulations> Unexpected pollution issues can lead to the possibility of complaints of corporate owners. The possibility of improving the environmental laws of the air environmental conformity to the environmental law of the environment is forced to be upgraded and the government is forced to be fined and other accidents.

9. Save the consumption of cold and cooling> After the oil mist is collected, the relatively clean air is discharged. There is no need to discharge outdoors. Unlike a large amount of cold and cooling out of the outdoor, it will cause the power to burden the power.

function of cyclone