What is rib knitting good for? Rib knit is a fabric that has distinct and visible vertical ribs on its front and back. In other words, rib knits are double-faced. Typically, rib knits are used to create banding on T-shirt necklines, turtlenecks, hems, cuffs, etc. In addition, it uses the weft knitting method for back stitches and alternate knitting in parallel rows.

  Knitted fabrics are made by twisting long yarns together, while woven fabrics are made by weaving one fiber with another using a criss-cross design. You will see unidirectional threads moving in one direction on the surface of the knitted fabric. This knitting method makes the knitted fabric stretchable, which is its most distinctive feature.

  Ribbed fabric and ribbed knit are two different garment fabrics. Rib knits are meant to create an entire garment, not just for cuffs, waistbands, and necklines (although as mentioned, this works for those purposes as well). Rib fabric, on the other hand, is a substrate (a form-fitting ribbed knit) that is specialized for cuffs, waistbands, and necklines. It is usually 100 percent cotton. Therefore, its stiffness is not suitable for making whole clothes.

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