We witnessed tons of evolution throughout the decades and the cryptocurrency evolution, we think is one of the most significant in the history of mankind. After all, traditional finances finally, went digital.

However, where crypto acted as a boon for tons of people, it became a bane for others. Cybercriminals were completely skilled and worked hard to attack crypto traders and investors in order to benefit from it. Thus, there was a need for a crypto security service, which was met by the launch of several crypto wallets. And for the read below, we have chosen MetaMask sign in to help you with your crypto protection.

What is MetaMask and how can you be a part of it?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, there was a dire need for crypto security, and tons of crypto wallets emerged. MetaMask was simply one of the many wallet services that were launched at the time and certainly managed to grab a lot of attention from crypto traders and crypto investors. It was created to help crypto users in the form of a browser extension. That’s right, it is a browser extension wallet that is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Firefox. The Chrome version of the service is the most preferred and so, we’ll discuss it further for the MetaMask sign in.

Getting the extension for MetaMask wallet login

Now, that you want the Chrome extension for your wallet service account, all you have to do is follow the steps below and keep up with the prompts that come up on-screen:

  1. Head into the official MetaMask website and choose “Download”.
  2. On being redirected, your next tap would be on the Chrome icon.
  3. This would take you to the web store launched by Chrome.
  4. Download the extension for your browser there and finish installing.

Elevate safety: MetaMask login with password

Here, we’ll help you create a password for your MetaMask login with password account so that you can elevate security on the funds you store or hold there:

  1. Get into the installed extension and begin with the “Get Started” link.
  2. Carefully read through the Terms of Use and agree to them.
  3. Set up an account security password and confirm your agreement to the Terms.
  4. In the end, hit “Create” and complete the password setup procedure.


This short yet descriptive read above has been carefully created to help you understand why cryptocurrencies need security and how MetaMask came out to be a savior. We helped you learn the specifics of the MetaMask Wallet service and took you through the steps of downloading the extension on your browser from the Chrome Web Store. And not just that, we also walked you through the steps of citing a password to the wallet account to elevate the security of your crypto funds while you go for the MetaMask sign in. In a conclusive viewpoint, MetaMask was created to provide crypto safety and with your help, it has been standing up to the mark.