With vegan dinner parties increasing in popularity, you’ll have to take certain steps to make yours even more memorable than those hosted by others. Although that’s easier said than done, here are some sure-fire ways to make sure your vegan dinner party is one to remember.

Consider a theme 

If you’d rather not draw attention to the fact that you’re throwing a vegan dinner party, you might want to think about following a theme. Many countries such as India have fantastic vegetarian cuisines, and with a few simple swaps, will serve as ideal inspiration for creating tasty vegan meals. 

Picking a theme and sticking with a single ‘category’ of cuisine can go a long way towards making your host or hostess job a lot easier. 

Start off right 

The last thing you want to do is bloat your guests before they’ve even reached the main course. Make sure you have a plan in place for what you’re going to serve, remembering that the starter is the introduction to the main course. Light bites such as crackers, salads and soups are ideal for introducing the evening but shouldn’t really constitute a meal in their own right.  

Set up a vegan bar 

It can sometimes be far from clear whether a given alcoholic drink could be considered vegan, so it may be necessary to seek clarification – including directly from the relevant manufacturer, if needed. Animal products can sometimes be involved during a drink’s production process, so it is important to be well-educated on this. 

However, if you can find drink options that are vegan-friendly, a strictly vegan bar could be an excellent addition to your dinner party. If you like the idea of serving cocktails, for instance, mojitos could be a great idea as long as a vegan sugar is used, and a piña colada could be an option too, given its ingredients of pineapple juice, white rum, and coconut cream. 

Taste test beforehand!

Vegetables like jackfruit and aubergine (or eggplant for our friends across the pond) are considered ‘meaty vegetables’, in that they have similar textures to meats, so are perfect substitutes for traditional meat dishes. However, things like milk and cheese don’t always have the tastiest direct alternatives. It’s a good idea to have an omnivore taste test these vegan products so that you can work out which are most similar to meats, if that’s the vibe you are going for, or otherwise most suitable for your guests. 

You’ll be surprised how much the taste of products like vegan cheese can vary, so to ensure maximum comfort for everyone, make sure you test everything before serving it at your vegan dinner party. 

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