Usually when buying footwear, you might simply head to a shoe shop, slip your feet into a pair of promising-looking shoes you find there, walk around the shop for a bit and then — if those shoes seem to fit just nicely — buy them. However, what about when you want to buy ski boots?

You might have been advised to book a “boot fitting service”. We even offer one ourselves here at Ski Exchange – no less than one of the best boot fitting services in the world, complete with a ski boot Comfort Guarantee, so that you can confidently expect ski boots you purchase from our store to fit you like a glove.

Still, if you are in the market for a new pair of ski boots right now, you might also be wondering whether you could possibly skip professional ski boot fitting in order to save money. Would it be worth it?

Why not just pick up readymade ski boots in your shoe size?

Surely, that’s all you need to do? You might even initially find that you are able to walk in those boots at least somewhat comfortably, apparently vindicating your decision.

The crucial word there, though, is “apparently”. Over time, you may pick up more and more warning signs that these boots aren’t quite as good a fit as they need to be.

Why ski boots shouldn’t be either too tight or too loose

How can you tell if ski boots are too tight? The biggest giveaway would be if they cause you pain even when you just stand — let alone walk or ski — in them. Another indicator of overly tight ski boots would be if you find yourself unable to wiggle your toes to any degree.

Nonetheless, it is also possible to go too far the other way with the fit, ending up with overly loose ski boots. For example, your boot’s sole may be longer than your foot, while your back of your heel might not always be in contact with the inside of the boot.

So, why is it so imperative to have “Goldilocks” ski boots (boots that feel “just right”)? Well, for a start, excessively tight ski boots could hamper your circulation and consequently numb your feet. This situation, in turn, would put you at greater risk of tripping and hurting yourself.

Similarly, you could potentially stumble — and so develop a blister or worse — if your ski boots are so loose that you feel your feet shifting either backward or forward in them as you ski.

Skipping on boot fitting can prove a false economy

If you do incur an injury from ill-fitting ski boots, the money you spend on rehabilitation treatment — such as physiotherapy — is likely to be much higher than you could have instead paid for a professional ski boot fitting service right from the start.

To put a long story short, it isn’t worth trying to aggressively economise with ski boot fitting. At our Cambridge shop, we can provide this service to a high standard, as well as give you the peace of mind that comes with our ski boot Comfort Guarantee, whereby you will get your money back if you aren’t comfortable and satisfied with the result of our session together.

Using our website, you can easily book a ski boot fitting appointment with Ski Exchange — and read specific details about what exactly is involved in our renowned ski boot fitting service. It’s all worthwhile to help ensure you enjoy a safer and more enthralling time while out on the slopes!