When planning our teen summer programs at The Road Less Traveled (RLT), a strong focus is consistently placed on fostering the utmost commitment to stewardship and environmental service among our participating students.

That focus continues into the work our program participants do “on the ground” to help the communities they visit over the course of our trip. We take great care to ensure our leaders and travelers only ever go to parts of the world where they are genuinely wanted, and where we can help make a meaningful and positive impact.

With an increasing awareness of the threats presented by climate change, it also cannot be understated just how important it is to take care of our precious Earth. With this in mind, teaching environmental stewardship, and taking part in environmental service to protect natural environments, are fundamental to our teen summer programs. 

What environmental service projects could your teen be helping with this summer? 

Through The Road Less Traveled your teen can not only help with important conservation work, but also build connections and gain first hand experience with organizations leading environmental service work. We have a broad range of projects each summer, including some of the below for this year: 

The above RLT environmental service projects are just a few of what we offer, that might spark the imagination of your teen as they consider our summer travel programs for 2024. To find out more and check availability, please schedule a call with an RLT director or call us in the office at 773 342 5200.