Livingin a sharing house can be exciting and irritating, in equal measure. With thehelp of these helpful hints, you can tilt the scales in your favor.

1.  Engage inhonest conduct.

Ifeveryone signs the lease, you will all have the same rights, even if one personis paying more money for a larger room. Everyone is accountable for theirportion of the rent, as well as the upkeep of the bond and any responsibilitiesassigned to them.


2.  You areyour own maid

If youmake a mess, it is your responsibility to clean it up after you're done. Itmight be helpful to set up a roster in communal areas so that those who areless driven can be nudged and everyone can be held accountable. If you knowsomeone who enjoys cleaning the refrigerator, see if there is anything else youcan do for them in exchange — a chore marketplace.
3. Have a discussionabout the meal.
Someroommates choose to pool their resources, while others would rather fend forthemselves. It's possible that a kitty for common necessities like bread willoperate. Establishing clear food limits early on will help you minimizeconflict as well as the possibility of milk being spilled.
Earlyon, you should establish clear boundaries about eating.

4.Act asthough everything in the share house belongsto you, even if it doesn't.

Eventhough you brought the couch, the coffee table should really be considered yourhousemate's property. Do not leave any ring marks on her table if you do notwant her to consume food on your couch. If you want to reduce stress, be sureto treat everyone's belongings with same respect.

5. Keepit down

Youwon't believe how far noise can travel, especially in a building with multiplestories. People who study or work rotating shifts are likely more susceptibleto background noise than others. Take aware of rooms with thin walls, and treatthe eardrums of others the same way you would want them treated.

6. Makesure others know where you are and what you're doing.

Nobodyis perfect, and we all have our ups and downs, but none of us can read minds(unless you happen to be living with a psychic). It's important to avoidsending the incorrect impression by slamming doors and seeming glum. Just saythat you aren't feeling it, and then make your way to wherever it is that youneed to be.
Youshould excuse yourself and go to wherever it is that you need to be if you arenot feeling it.

7. Don'tget worked up over the insignificant things

Learninglife skills such as group mediation, being calm under pressure, and of course,empathy are all things that may be gained from living in shared housing.Learning how to manage other people's interests while keeping your own in checkis a skill that will make you a better person overall as well as a betterhousemate.

8.Establish a precedent

Everyenjoyable sharing home has its traditions, whether it be Taco Tuesday orCrafternoon, for example. The term "sharing housing" does not justhave to relate to the physical location of your living quarters; it may alsorefer to shared endeavors, aims, and experiences.

9. Have adirect conversation with the person instead of posting passive hostile

commentsonline or using Facebook Post-it notes; this will simply make the situationmore difficult. Tell those who are involved in the situation face to face ifsomething is incorrect. They might not recognize the issue, thus they won'tgive up until you have a conversation with them. Talk it out as soon as you canto prevent the problem from festering.

10. Stepoutside your comfort zone

Meetinga fantastic variety of interesting people is one of the many wonderful benefitsof living in a  share house. You will have a much better chance ofsuccess in life if you make an effort to have an understanding of a variety ofviewpoints and ways of life. This will also likely make your life a lot simplerat home.