Even if you take medicine around the clock as instructed, you might still fee pain, back aches, and leg aches. The best way to relieve this is to exercise. Laying down in one places will only make it worse and will not cause your muscles to relieve themselves. If you go for a walk or even perform some exercises, you will notice that the severity of your cramps diminishes. This is actually something you 經痛 should do all the time. Exercising as a daily part of your life, is something that will make your cramps much less intense when your period does come around.

Another way to reduce your painful cramps is to take oral contraceptives for that effect. Sometimes they are prescribed by doctors to help eliminate cramps, but be sure you are aware of all the various side effects that could result before using them to prevent your cramps.

There are ways you can improve your diet to help you reduce cramps whenever your period begins. If you have a diet rich in zinc, calcium, or B vitamins, you will be helping yourself deflect the pain of cramps during your period. Also, herbal remedies like Viburnum prunifolium, Scutellaria, and Cimicifuga raemosa have certain effects that will help reduce your cramps.